Jimi Van Guilder
Jimi Van GuilderMobile Game Producer
Trio always went above and beyond ensuring our application met our high standards. Their 24-7 access was a huge help to our quickly moving industry and allowed us to operate as if we were working in the same time zone as Trio even though we were on opposite sides of the world. Their communication and documentation ensured products were delivered on time and within budget. Their ability to adapt to new platforms was quite impressive. I would recommend Trio to anyone with development needs.
Malcolm Michaels
Malcolm MichaelsJenkat Media, Inc.
Trio Studio's was able to provide Jenkat Games a solution when we needed it. They delivered the product as requested and we had a two year relationship with them before taking development in-house.
Artur Attaryan
Artur AttaryanImperator, LLC
Perfect mutual cooperation. Trio has qualitative and competent approach to work. I'm recommending the team to everyone who would like to get the best results.
John Perls
John PerlsCrazyMouseMedia LLC
Never in my advertising career (which spans 25 years) have i worked with a team so diligent, caring, talented and technically on the cutting edge as Trios Studios. The are amazing communicators, meet every deadline and are very competitive. If you want to win in today's world of technology, these are the guys you want on your team!