Why Cheap Services Won’t Work? Opinion From Developers.


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Being sales and marketing manager at mobile development company i have found out the issue that most of people who are willing to invest money into mobile application development think that it is quite simple process and won’t require huge spendings.

At the websites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer etc., a lot of posts states the following: “I need very simple mobile application” and the budgets are like under 500 USD.

And when you are telling person that the app for IOS and Android (sometimes for Windows too) he wants to get costs around 10-15 K USD you are getting the response “Why so much?”. And after you have told such people: “Hey, you need to have server set up, design services, several developers working on your project and much more to get it work. Moreover, there will be months of work to make your idea live” they suddenly disappear or the project is won by low skilled developer, who is ready to work almost for free.

As a result we are getting low quality apps at the market, that usually don’t work as they should – and this is the best outcome in this situation.

As for the worst, we can point out two of them: customer who really needs the app and have got not working one, comes to the market again and says “hey i have almost 90% completed app and it is not working, so i need a developer” – but the thing he is calling “app” is not an app itself – it is something beyond the developers understanding. So the person has spent money on something that should be done from scratch at the end.

The second scenario is even worse (for honest sales and high quality developers I think). Developer applies for the project for very low price and then starts to play “I need more money” game. He is trying to squeeze the client and make him to pay more. You know, it is not honest, and the trust to the outsourcing devs and services falls down.

Moreover it becomes much more complicated to find a good client at the market, since people start to understand that in-house development in many cases will be better than outsourcing – comparing with time and nerves we are getting working with outsourcing people somewhere at the globe.

So why you are looking for cheap service, instead of quality services which saves time and money?


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