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mobile-phone-998871_960_720When we are talking about latest technology trends, we should always mention tools which are worth investment for years already. From the start of smartphone applications industry retailers and travelling, agencies are seeking for the ways to deliver content and various offers when and where they needed. The development of GPS-based technologies allowed industry players to do it in friendly usable manner.
An ability to define current user location and his needs gave powerful marketing tool to the ones who are seeking for additional income and loyal customer’s base growth. The mobile phone users started to benefit from saving money and receiving the information in time and with less effort.
Shopping and travelling became more simple and engaging, then it was before. The power of locations based service is evident.
While walking on the street or shopping mall user is able to see different offers and discounts, places worth visiting, find other people to spend time with, order a taxi or purchase a ticket just doing a few taps at mobile application.
In our previous article onĀ coupon industry, we have mentioned that 51 % of retail shoppers are interested in receiving offers based on their location. And probably the next thing we should consider is giving to users an ability to control the apps they are using.
Sometimes it is quite annoying when your iPhone device sends you out various notifications on the goods and services you will never use, for example, 16 year old girl will receive a discount from luxury men underwear shop or men will get a discount on women sanitary (of course, if he has close relations with his wife or girlfriend he might like it, but it is quite annoying to get all discounts available to the device). So how to control the content delivery and what kind of features you must give to your mobile applications users to prevent these situations?

Controlled Notifications System and Content Delivery.

In most of the cases, you will need to have two side control of the content delivery, one is for you as the platform owner or advertiser and the second for a mobile application user.
The advertiser controls probably should include various targeting options and subscription categories. There are a lot of possible targeting options, however, we have decided to outline which are a must for any location-based platform. They are:

  • User location (of course if your service delivered only within a specific location you might not need this)
  • User gender – male or female
  • Age group – this can be divided into several main groups, as it has been proved by different marketing researches there are several of them: from 14 to 18 years (a teenage group), from 19 to 25 years (young adults), from 26 to 30, 30 to 40, 40-60, older than 60
  • Offer category

These are minimum needed filters to deliver your content from mobile app to the right person. as for user experience, they will probably need these options:

  • Subscription by category (it can be accessories, baby goods, night clubs or anything else you can divide your platform into)
  • Turn on/Off push notifications

Giving the users these controls you will eliminate risks of low ratings and programs uninstalls, as well as will be able to deliver your content to the right person.

TrioStudio has a vast experience in creating feature-rich location-based mobile applications, we do know how data is collected and the ways user can interact with the app. We also know how to create modern professional design and drive in user engagement with your service. If you do need location based mobile application developed we can do it for you, just send a message to our sales team and we will get back to you shortly!
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