Having over 15 years of successful experience in IT market TrioStudio provides wide range of different services. They vary depending on customer’s needs, and include mobile and web software development, IT consulting, marketing and advertising consulting, HR and IT research and many others.

Key Services

Web and Mobile Development

development-servicesTrio Studio is able to provide various software development services depending on your current business needs.

Our business domain expertise lays in marketing software development for entertainment and retail industries. We do have experience in the development of web and mobile apps for securities and cryptocurrencies markets.

We also develop business mobile and web applications to simplify and automate day to day activities of various departments of small and mid-sized companies. These includes sales, logistics, marketing (both online and offline) and support.

Partnering with hi-tech companies based in Ukraine we always able to find resources for different tasks which may occur at companies of different sizes.

The technologies we use: PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET Framework, native IOS and native Android SDKs.

Whether you are looking for outsourcing service for your tasks or projects, out-staffing service like a dedicated team set up, Trio is able to provide you with both.

Flexibility of work approach gives you an ability to choose between classical Waterfall methodology to modern Agile.

Trio team usually drives deeply into your business needs and offers the best solution depending on your current situation, time-frames or budget.

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Web and Mobile

TrioStudio offers wide range of designing services which may meet the needs of even very captious client. If you are looking for a team with good taste and attentiveness to the details – Trio team will be able to help you.

When our company was founded it primarily consisted from artists, designers and 3D modellers, who, working at various projects, gained experience in game design, mobile design, web design, user interface design and many other designing and art fields.

We have a huge pool of designers and artists who has over 3+ years of experience in the field. We also have a lot of freelance designers who are working on our projects long-term and who have shown themselves as good high quality workers.

We can artistically complete almost any task. Some designs which have been done for various clients and project types you can see here:

HR and Development

Have you been searching at the internet for the company or team who will be able to complete your project within certain time frame and close to your budget? Have found Trio website and you do like our team, our approach, do want to work with us, but we don’t have service you are interested in. No, worries, we can still help you!

We do have IT consulting services with possibly long term support and maintenance of your initiatives. This service may include:

  • Finding right technology partner/developer/freelancer. We do have a huge database of development companies, independent developers and freelancer with whom we and our clients cooperated with before. We also do have long term partners with outstanding technology expertise who works with rare technologies or niches.
  • Research of needed software and communication with distributor/supplier and shortlisting options.
  • Project Management of your current development initiatives.
  • HR consulting and HR services, including finding candidates in Ukraine for relocations to your offices.

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Mobile and Web

S3JE5YAMNDIn today business environment marketing services are very important for any type of service and product. Being software developers for many years Trio team understands that most of our clients are interested not only in long term development collaboration, but also in professional marketing and advertising of its products and services.

The development of new business strategies and implementation of new features to the product developed by Trio, requires deep understanding and day-to-day industry monitoring.

Trio studio monitors every competitor’s change and technical trends for its long-term clients. Moreover if client is interested in marketing and advertising service Trio, since it is usually deeply driven into client’s business needs is able to conduct a research and shortlist freelance marketers or marketing agencies who will be able to focus and work on client’s advertising, PR, SEO, SMM and other possible online or offline activities. This saves a lot of time for resources search and interviewing.

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Project Analysis and Design

QVKE96OD36Do you have a project idea, or a definite software need but you don’t have time for the research? When you have searched for right person/partner/company everyone asked you about requirements, but you don’t have time for long useless discussions? You are in need of person or team who will drive deeply into your business or idea, research possible solutions and the most important – give you results!


The service depends on the project you are interested in, and may include:

  1. Requirements document and/or use cases.
  2. Examples of designs and solutions from the web based on your niche requirements.
  3. Design of application, website or system in PSD.
  4. Clickable prototype (at
  5. Deep understanding of the project by you and developers (if you are planning to work with us our our partners)
  6. Price with us and possible price range of high quality development teams from Ukraine.
  7. List of the teams/freelance developers/companies who is able to work on your project (if we cannot give you needed resources right now).
  8. Project schedule (for large projects it is very important since they usually allow to launch system partially, before the whole product launch)

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