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Do you have a project idea, or a definite software need but you don’t have time for the research? When you have searched for right person/partner/company everyone asked you about requirements, but you don’t have time for long useless discussions? You are in need of person or team who will […]

Business Analysis

TrioStudio offers wide range of designing services which may meet the needs of even very captious client. If you are looking for a team with good taste and attentiveness to the details – Trio team will be able to help you. When our company was founded it primarily consisted from […]


In today business environment marketing services are very important for any type of service and product. Being software developers for many years Trio team understands that most of our clients are interested not only in long term development collaboration, but also in professional marketing and advertising of its products and […]

Marketing Consulting

Have you been searching at the internet for the company or team who will be able to complete your project within certain time frame and close to your budget? Have found Trio website and you do like our team, our approach, do want to work with us, but we don’t […]

IT Consulting and HR

Trio Studio is able to provide various software development services depending on your current business needs. Our business domain expertise lays in marketing software development for entertainment and retail industries. We do have experience in the development of web and mobile apps for securities and cryptocurrencies markets. We also develop […]

Development Services