Live Wall Papers

  1. Challenge.

    To advertise his business client has requested development of Android application which allows user to get Live Wall Papers for his mobile phone. These wall papers will react on the mobile phone user’s actions. They should include several business functions and have the menu which will operate like mobile application.

  2. Solution.

    Trio has offered the development of live wallpapers using client’s video materials and according  accelerometer sensors played parts of the video materials. The actions which started wall paper video/action included shakes, swipes, taps. Each wallpaper included information about customer and customer’s business. Also application allowed user to share information about WallPaper and client’s business in social networks/channels, like Facebook, Twitter, VK (Russian SN Vkontakte) and SMS.

  3. Benefits.

    Client started to use mobile (Android) for advertisement purposes. The social sharing features added ability to use “word-of-month” advertisement.