Track Record System

    1. StructureChallenge.

      Before TrioStudio has entered project Austria Telecom group used an outdated system for the data and billing management. The company has experienced issues with data synchronization, did manual invoicing and used a lot of third-party software and tools to automate processes somehow. The data synchronization issues and continuous loss of information through these systems permitted the company to get better results and expand client base.

    2. Solution

      Trio Studio has offered to create a new flexible system with web access to automate operations and assisted in the migration to a new environment. Services included:

      TrioStudio concluded the replacement successfully while ensuring full migration of the applicable products definitions and customers’ portfolios and meeting all requirements raised towards the new software while maintaining backward compatibility with the product offerings that have their original roots in the 90s.TrioStudio built a new application of Product Catalog to satisfy the demanding needs of a Tier 2 service provider and successfully migrated around 2000 complex fixed-line, internet, leased lines and other product offerings with countless varieties of billable services. The application was very successful and currently our Product Catalog is the central point of product offering definitions and changes within entire client’s infrastructure, which is then feeding other systems and module with products and services data via a set of industry-standardized (like SID-based) and custom interfaces.

      TrioStudio created an online web-based (IBM WebSphere) interface which allows consolidating all ordering activities happening in a variety of ordering platforms, GUIs and systems and transfer them from a host environment to a modern billing platform for having customer inventory fully registered in our billing platform repository.

      TrioStudio designed and developed a new architecture of a cutting-edge billing application operating which allows us to bill complex services definitions with a variety of possibilities of parameterized price definitions, discounts and very complex invoicing rules and we show performance of being capable of producing XML-formatted ETIS-standardized invoices output for 500 thousand accounts within a bill cycle of 6 hours.

      TrioStudio built a Rating engine which is capable of processing 12 million CDRs in 2.5 hrs.

      TrioStudio had created a functional-rich web-based CRM application integrating technologies like Ajax for viewing and operating subscribers’ data.

      TrioStudio has acquired experience integrating to various other external systems. Our rating and billing engines not only do their internal work but also have integrated interfaces producing output for Data WareHouse systems, SAP feed, and printing platform output. Our Product Catalog has sophisticated interfaces to feed test and integration environments with new and changed data as well as provide other product catalogs (Clarify product portfolio, Tibco, OpenNet) with it. Our CRM application provides a variety of online and offline APIs exposing customers, resources and product instances inventory data for a variety of external systems.

    3. Benefits

      After migration to a newly developed system and connection to all data systems involved company has acquired a new level of performance and data warehouse and synchronization.  Implemented systems allowed in an easy manner update records faster and overcome data loss issues experienced before. Customer service  of the company come to the new level as allowed to avoid search of the information throughout an number of web and desktop interfaces.