Boat Coloring Application


  1. Challenge.

    The boat paint supplier was in need of mobile solution for boat owners to provide them an ability to choose the type and color of paint, as well as place the order with calculated volume of paint needed.

  2.  Solution.

    TrioStudio has offered the development of custom client-server mobile solution for IOS and Android which will allow buyers choose colors and color schema for their boats.The mobile application included the database of boats and their parts, with the options to customize color solution and see how the boat will look like with paint manufacturer pallet.

    Moreover it gives customer an option to upload or take a photo of the boat, using the device camera,  to use in the application.  Boat owner was allowed to save scheme and find the nearest supplies and place the order – the supplier shop could be found using GPS coordinate of boat owner.

    Application calculated how many paint boat owner needed. Also application included paints manuals and description, as well as gives boat owner an ability to keep Yacht painting diary.

  3.  Benefits.

    As a result of application development client was able to make ordering process mobile and automate the calculation of orders based on boat model and spare parts installed. Application allowed boat owners see how the boat will look and feel with the selected paint, and calculate rough costs needed for the design change. This automated the process of ordering paint reduced time needed for order registration and delivery of service, as well as gave suppliers an ability to track customer and include him into loyalty programs.

  4. Technologies.

    iOS: Objective C, OpenGL, Cocos 2D, TouchJSON, Font Label, MAAP, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, XML.
    Android: Java, OpenGL, LibGDX, JSON, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, XML.