Fleet Managment System

  1. Challenge

    Trio client requested the development of web interface which will allow showing data received from embedded into vehicle device to monitor performance, route, fuel consumption and other industry specific needs.

  2. Solution

    Trio has offered the development of web-based platform using .NET technologies. The system solves which was developed by Trio should give  options to manage routes and their schedules, track overall vehicle performance real-time and work with private companies to assign transportation tasks which the particular company is not able to accomplish.

    The solution gave to the company simple in use interface with all needed tracking and monitoring facilities.

  3. Benefits

Client got flexible system for vehicle tracking, with the following features:

  • ON-Line Monitoring
  • Control the vehicle route
  • Control fuel consumption
  • Traffic accident reports
  • Alarm button report
  • Speed limit control
  • Route control
  • Schedule control
  • Vehicle technical state control
  • On-Line vehicle location
  • Vehicle loss and theft protection