JoopLoop-Bag1. Challenge.

Trio’s client (right now it is partner) requested development of platform which will allow retailers serve discounts to their customers while they are shopping. Platform needed to use gamification model and provide deep analytic to advertisers.

2. Solution.

Trio has developed native IOS and Android client-server mobile applications and web application which has two separate web interfaces – for the company and for support and administration.

Mobile applications allow user to get latest deals and discounts based on his preferences and GPS coordinates (within 0.2 miles from campaign location). User controls the discount level participating in Social NetWorth™ Index (SNI) by performing different actions under application. Application is connected with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and gives user an ability to text his friends to share the deal he/she have got.

Company web interface allows to create campaign for its local shop and measure the success of the camping using available analytical tools. The main feature of such analytic is Activity Cloud – it shows user activity under the system and his/her profile under the application. profile is built using social networks data and calculates user worth at JoopLoop network. Activity cloud is dynamic analytic and gives advertisers unique ability to learn their customers’ social presence.  The premium membership is available for short listed companies and allows them to target JoopLoop user’s based on their location, SNI, age, gender and other possible targeting filters. Targeting feature allows user to view location of deal ignoring 0.2 miles rule, this feature also sends push notification to mobile users to inform them about targeted available deal.

The website is connected with PayPal as payment system. The GPS service of mobile app and websystem are connected with Google maps and uses Google Maps API to show the location either under Mobile app, or at website while creating campaign.

Admin interface allows to monitor overall JoopLoop performance and provide JoopLoop clients with enchanted support.

3. Benefits.

JoopLoop is unique marketing platform which has already participated in different events which associated with seed investments. The companies who took part in JoopLoop pilots was satisfied with unique data they have got. The JoopLoop system is currently under update. JoopLoop is USA startup.

4. Technolgies

Mobile: Native IOS and Android SDKs,

Web: custom PHP, ZendFranework, Jquery, AJAX, MySQL, CSS, HTML.