Marketing Consulting

S3JE5YAMNDIn today business environment marketing services are very important for any type of service and product. Being software developers for many years Trio team understands that most of our clients are interested not only in long term development collaboration, but also in professional marketing and advertising of its products and services.

The development of new business strategies and implementation of new features to the product developed by Trio, requires deep understanding and day-to-day industry monitoring.

Trio studio monitors every competitor’s change and technical trends for its long-term clients. Moreover if client is interested in marketing and advertising service Trio, since it is usually deeply driven into client’s business needs is able to conduct a research and shortlist freelance marketers or marketing agencies who will be able to focus and work on client’s advertising, PR, SEO, SMM and other possible online or offline activities. This saves a lot of time for resources search and interviewing.

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