Android Ads Platform

Skwiggl_logo1. Challenge.

TrioStudio client requested to create advertisement platform for local bars and restaurants. The platform must allowed places to analyze social networking activity, as well as give an ability to cheaply and simply deliver latest deals to existing and new customers.

2. Solution.

Trio has developed mobile application for Android platform and two web-interfaces. Mobile application allowed user to search promotions of different places (bars, restaurants, nigh-clubs, one-time events) and receive free media (android live wallpaper) by visiting particular place. Along with wallpaper user was able to get discount or special offer (i.e. free drink) using the bar-code provided. The application included social media sharing which gave user an ability to share his/her mobile experience and invite friends to “have a drink” in friendly manner.

Web interface gave company and ability to create discounted campaign for the clients and choose wall paper from existing library or order from the developer custom one to share it with the clients. Also web-interface included analytical options which allowed to see the success of “give-away” or “discounted” promotion and compare results with POS or any other sales measurement software. The website was integrated with the most popular payment system like PayPal.

Web admin interface allowed platform owner control sales and accounts under one simple websystem and provide enchanted and secure support to the platform clients.

3. Benefits.

Platform allowed to give simple in use interface for the mobile and social promotion of definite place or chain, with success measurement facilities.

4. Technologies.

Applied technologies: php, My SQL,  Android SDK, C, video processing.
Graphic and animation: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, 3D Max