Business Analysis

QVKE96OD36Do you have a project idea, or a definite software need but you don’t have time for the research? When you have searched for right person/partner/company everyone asked you about requirements, but you don’t have time for long useless discussions? You are in need of person or team who will drive deeply into your business or idea, research possible solutions and the most important – give you results!


The service depends on the project you are interested in, and may include:

  1. Requirements document and/or use cases.
  2. Examples of designs and solutions from the web based on your niche requirements.
  3. Design of application, website or system in PSD.
  4. Clickable prototype (at
  5. Deep understanding of the project by you and developers (if you are planning to work with us our our partners)
  6. Price with us and possible price range of high quality development teams from Ukraine.
  7. List of the teams/freelance developers/companies who is able to work on your project (if we cannot give you needed resources right now).
  8. Project schedule (for large projects it is very important since they usually allow to launch system partially, before the whole product launch)

If you don’t know where to start, contact us and we will help you! The price for this kind of service is very fair, so don’t waste your time, just drop a message to our sales team and we will contact you shortly!

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